Admittedly the law can be boring and complicated. As a seminar speaker at your meeting, James Bruner, The Proverbial Lawyer, transforms the blah, blah, blah into guffaw, guffaw, guffaw!

Bruner addresses your organization's goals and legal issues by designing a humorous yet meaningful interactive presentation relevant for all attendees. Guffaw Law, an initiative of The Proverbial Lawyer media platform, is the perfect solution to spicing up your function

The Proverbial Lawyer Publications include the legal thriller series The Bike Cop.Follow Digger Davenport as he wrestles with all manner of evil in the quaint seaside village of Port Talbot, Maine. Join the Talbot Club and watch for reader incentives, launch parties and author events.

Coming soon: The Proverbial Lawyer 'How To' Booklet series. Learn about Wills, Real Estate, Contracts, Family Law and more. 

Let’s face it, sometimes understanding today's legal challenges isn't as easy as it should be and it can be downright depressing. We use art, radio, print, video, and conferences to illustrate and promote sound wisdom in a winsome way. For example, we will look to Proverbs then "cross-walk" these principles through the law to develop better insight and direction. We then might add a dash of intrigue, current events, and humor to deliver what we like to call winsome wisdom (we win some, we lose some!).

James Bruner, an accomplished talk radio and TV show host, is an attorney of over 35 years experience. He is licensed in Florida, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. James hosted The Conference Line radio program on WHAZ in upstate New York  in the 90's and the TV Show, Focus on the Issues  in the early 2000's Bruner recently syndicated a talk show, The Proverbial Lawyer airing coast to coast in Florida. This website contains links to those shows.  The Proverbial Lawyer TV /Radio initiatives offer entertaining enlightenment, NOT LEGAL ADVICE; nor is a client relationship sought by these efforts. 



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