​The Proverbial Lawyer

A Syndicated Talk Radio Program Discussing Solutions by "the Book"

Savannah Scherff 
is the Digital Marketing/Social Media director for the Proverbial Lawyer. She is a senior at Florida State University and will be graduating at the end of the spring semester. She hopes to move to Atlanta after she graduates and pursue her passions in social media, web design, and application development. 

James Bruner

has over 30 years of experience in litigation and business transactions. He first got his start in radio when he hosted The Conference Line on 1330 AM WHAZ in Albany N.Y. in the 1990's. James also was the host of Focus on the Issues  for WOCD TV Ch.55 Amsterdam N.Y. 

Gretchen Bruner

is an expert in office management, media production and guest scheduling. She is a true Proverbs 31 woman! To schedule an appearance on TPL, please call Gretchen at (850) 491-8448.

Benjamin B. Bruner

is the Artistic Director and has over 30 years in designing business promotion. For more information, call Ben at (415) 933-7932. Listen to Ben's humorous skits periodically on TPL, or in our archives.

the Entertaining enlightenment team

With more than 30 years of experience in law, James Bruner brings stories on air that are rich with experience and entertainment. The discussions, however, are not legal advice. An attorney-client relationship is a special understanding reached after all the facts of the case are known. On The Proverbial Lawyer, we do not reach that level, so the discussions may be incomplete. No one should change their position based on discussions on air. The show is entertaining enlightenment only.